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An Emunah Perspective

on the DATING/WAITING stage

Natural Beach

I’m tired…


I'm tired of the fruitless pursuit, the disappointment, the ongoing frustration.

I'm tired of feeling out of control, of wanting so deeply that which is normal and natural yet so out of reach.

I'm tired of the loneliness and anxiety about the future.

I'm tired of maintaining composure. 

I'm tired of the chase. 


I am physically, emotionally and spiritually drained! 

Does This Resonate?

There is an Inner Yearning for Change

But How?

How can I surrender when I want it so much? 

How can I move forward and remain positive when I feel as if I am being held back?

How can I move upwards when I feel like I am stagnant? 

How can I be inherently happy for those in a place I so badly want to be?

How can I anchor myself in a religion that is made for community and family? 

How can I Daven when I’ve been asking for so long? 


How can I be ok with not being ok?


How can I feel whole

while looking for my other half?

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An Emunah approach to the DATING/WAITING phase



Cut out the background noise

Cut out the background noise

Reconnect with Hashem and your authentic self

Embrace where you are

Identify and transform limiting  beliefs

Drop the judgement of your situation 

Surrender into trust (for real this time)

Start "doing"

again from an empowered 



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What Past Participants are Saying: 

“Peace in the Process has given me tremendous Chizuk as well as strengthened and refined my approach towards navigating challenges. The tools developed and reinforced in this program are such important lessons for life. I highly recommend this program!”

“Not only did this program help me through this journey, but it has opened my eyes to other parts of my life. The content we discussed are applicable to various areas and I look forward to using these tools throughout my life.”


A closer look at the

Peace in the Process journey


Receive weekly content to give you the information and tools about the subject that is being taught the following week


Learn how concepts are applied in the live online class where you will hear Adina share her story and Chana walk you through practical implementation of topics discussed 


Connect with others through shared experience and join a community of women who are learning to embrace life where they are

Module 1:


Discover how accepting pain is imperative to healing. Reconnect with Hashem through your raw emotions and tune into your authentic self which is resourceful, connected and whole.

Module 2:


Learn how to let go of accumulated baggage by identifying and transforming limiting beliefs. Reclaim your power by dropping the judgement and choosing to look inwards.

Module 3:


Internalise how to be open to new possibilities. Identify your resistance to complete surrender and discover the tools to cultivate a true Emunah way of life. 

Module 4:



Embrace what’s now and reframe Hishtadlus from an Emunah perspective. Gain clarity in your circumstance, be ok in the moment and ultimately open channels for blessing. 

Registration Closing:

February 8th 2021

Live Zoom Sessions (every Monday) :

Module 1 - February 15th

Module 2 - February 22nd

Module 3 - March 1st

Module 4 - March 8th



2 - 3:30PM EST

7 - 8:30PM GMT 

*All live meetings will be recorded

and shared with participants 

(Written and pre-recorded content to be discussed

in upcoming live zooms will be shared the week before)



(or equivalent in your currency)


Course Details 


"The Peace in the Process program is an anchor of comfort and strength in the middle of a stormy sea.

Chana and Adina offer a path of Emunah that brings you lovingly into Hashem's arms and gently into acceptance and celebration of life.

They are unafraid to face the tough questions and they are full of sincerity,  humility, wisdom and experience.

They are your guides - but this is YOUR process.

May this project, which has already been a blessing to so many, bring more and more hearts to peace, serenity and happiness."


- Mrs. Rivka Malka Perlman

Rivka Malka's School of Coaching and Transformation