After a particularly frustrating dating experience and the burnout that ensued, Adina found herself searching for answers:

  • How do I channel myself to feel truly at peace in a place where I am still yearning?

  • My circumstances remain the same but how do I change how I cope with them?

  • How do I let go of negative past experiences to be open to new opportunities?

  • How do I feel whole when I am really only half?

It led her on an eye-opening pathway to finding peace and contentment within the process and nothing had changed except herself.

"She rediscovered what it means to truly connect with Hashem, to realign with her mission and to fully live in to her authentic self."

On her quest to share her story and enlighten others to her newfound inner peace, she was introduced to Chana.

Across the world, Chana was seeking help following a challenging time and decided to take action by creating a support group. It sparked within her a deeper desire to give more.

Transcending from a place of darkness into light, together they created ‘Peace in the Process’.

A transformational four-week programme providing the answers which singles have been searching for. The course offers practical tools which enable participants to feel genuinely ‘ok’ in the moment, encouraging them to step out of ‘waiting’ and into ‘living’. The concepts explored form the truths of life and are fundamentally rooted in Emunah.

We are here to share our journey with you and witness you on yours.

Learn to embrace life wholeheartedly and live into your best self while still yearning for the salvation.

About Us

Adina Chrysler

(Manchester, UK)

Born and raised in the UK, Adina Chrysler is a BA (hons) International Fashion (Design Practice) graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University. Like a story teller, Adina’s favourite part of the design process is weaving an engaging and cohesive narrative through her work. She thrives on leading and driving creative initiatives from concept and visualisation to execution.


Drawing from her personal experience of growth and learning, Adina is passionate about utilising the tools she has gained to enrich her Yiddishkeit and fully align with her soul mission, bringing her to a place of inner peace and tranquillity through the highs and lows of life. She derives joy in nurturing others to their greatest empowerment and service, and aspires to lead women on their own transformational journeys imparting her accepting, all-loving and completely compassionate approach to being and overcoming.


Adina naturally enjoys creative pursuits such as baking and writing and is drawn to the calming and invigorating practice of yoga. She possesses a particular affinity for the warm culture and beautiful landscapes of Italy, and it’s never a true holiday if she hasn’t been horse riding!

Chana Crystal

(Jerusalem, Israel)

Chana Crystal is originally from Denver Colorado and feels blessed to currently reside in Israel. She holds a BA in Jewish Studies and Graphic Design. She loves the delight and life of young children, and works part time as a preschool teacher's assistant. Chana is also a practicing doula (labour coach), she feels passionately about supporting women through birth. Her hope is to use the palate of life experiences to draw closer to Hashem and nurture a loving relationship with herself and others. 


Chana is a graduate of Rivka Malka's School of Coaching and Transformation. She knows first hand the healing power of a growth oriented community. Chana is a deep listener and an intuitive guide. She holds the space for others to uncover and transform limiting beliefs, tune into their divine inner wisdom and celebrate their innate magnificence. 


Chana is drawn towards topics of spiritual development and healing. She loves the calm and beauty of nature, healthy living, writing, good music and 100% cacao chocolate :)