Sand Dunes

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Holding space for your experience

Guiding you towards your inner truth 

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Adina Chrysler

(Manchester, UK)

Drawing from her personal experience of growth and learning, Adina is passionate about utilising the tools she has gained to enrich her Yiddishkeit and fully align with her soul mission bringing her to a place of inner peace and tranquillity through the highs and lows of life. She derives joy in nurturing others to their greatest empowerment and service, and aspires to lead women on their own transformational journeys imparting her accepting, all-loving and completely compassionate approach to being and overcoming.

Chana Crystal

(Jerusalem, Israel)

Chana is a graduate of Rivka Malka's School of Coaching and Transformation. She knows first hand the healing power of a growth oriented community. Chana is a deep listener and an intuitive guide. She holds the space for others to uncover and transform limiting beliefs, tune into their divine inner wisdom and celebrate their innate magnificence. Her hope is to use the palate of life experiences to draw closer to Hashem and nurture a loving relationship with herself and others.